Make reuse your first choice.

Palats offers an efficient tool for taking inventory of office furniture and building materials, simplifying the process of reusing and selling them. Optimize savings, minimize waste, and cut your carbon emissions.

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  • Take inventory on floor plans
  • See environmental savings immediately
  • Share the result at the touch of a button

⏩ 20-50% faster interior design and relocation projects.

Palats AI and the user friendly app make it easy and fast to plan and execute your project.


 πŸƒ CO2e savings.

Contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


πŸ’° Financial savings.

Start your journey towards time, financial and environmental savings today.

"I am convinced that we will sum up this year's reuse with fantastic figures, both financial and CO2e. In just a few weeks, we have reused materials worth 300,000 SEK and saved 3,500 kg of CO2e."
Maria Eberhardsson | Communications & Sustainability Manager, Bostads Mimer AB
"Palats is easy to use for everyone, whether you're using the app as an architect or as an employee."
Nora Velander | Interior Architect & Project Manager, Indicum
"Palats outshone the rest in user-friendliness and the shared vision of transforming the reuse process."
SΓΆnke Leve | Reuse Coordinator at Fabege
Circular inventory management
Volvo uses Palats in connection with styling and furnishing of office space. Learn how Palats can help you and your organisation with inventory management.
Circular material management
Cytiva uses Palats for the reuse of materials in the day-to-day management and construction projects. Your organisation can also get started with reuse today.
Stocktaking & coordination
White Architects use Palats to stocktake and coordinate reuse when they help companies move or renovate an office or a building. See how Palats helps you as a consultant.
Amount of waste generated
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It's time to tackle resource consumption

The best time to start reusing was yesterday, the second best time is today.