Circular material management

With Palats it is easy to reuse the materials you already own and avoid all unnecessary waste.

Find what you need, 
when you need it

Stop spending precious time searching for things. In Palats you get the digital overview necessary to quickly see if the products you need are available internally or if you have to buy new.

Share information with key actors

Large-scale reuse is about collaboration. Therefore, it's easy to invite your colleagues, contractors and consultants so that you can collaborate to ensure that as many products as possible are reused.

Take control of your material banks

We are convinced that you know what you have in your bank account, now is the time to regain control of the materials in your buildings. With Palats' streamlined inventory tool, it's easy to map out what material you have that can be reused.


Interactive statistics and reports

No more manual compilations and arbitrary estimates. In Palats you will see the environmental savings you can achieve by reusing different products as soon as you stocktake them. You can also export reports to for example excel and see the effects of your reuse.

User-friendliness is everything

Everyone can become a reuse professional, regardless of background and technical know-how. Thanks to Palats extremely user-friendly interface everyone gets up and running quickly. However, if you have any questions we are always here to help you.

Amount of waste generated
By the Swedish construction- and real estate industry, since you opened this page

It's time to tackle resource consumption

The best time to start reusing was yesterday, the second best time is today.