Circular inventory management

Get the digital overview needed to smoothly use and reuse what you already own.

Fast stock-taking with your smartphone

Take back control of everything you own and are responsible for. With Palats user friendly stocktaking tool it's easy collect the nessesary information about the products in your organization.

Find what you need, when you need it

Do you need a desk, a lamp, or a computer monitor? No problem, in Palats you can see where everything is. Thus it becomes easy to use what you already have instead of buying new and do a good deed for both your economy and our planet.

Keep everything updated using QR codes

Keeping all information up to date has never been easier. When using Palats' QR codes, a link between the physical products and their digital twins is created. By scanning the QR code using you smartphone on site, the product can be managed and its information kept up to date.

Efficient administration

Administrating and managing your inventory can be easy. Coordinate your work directly in Palats by, for example, creating tasks for your staff.

Live tracking of environmental savings

With Palats, your organisation will realise the benefits of circular resource management. As soon as a product is digitalized everyone can see its environmental impact, As soon as a product is digitized everyone can see its environmental impact, which incentivises reuse over buying new. Whenever you want to see you accomplishments generate specific reports on the environmental and economical savings you have achieved so far and your future potential.

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It's time to tackle resource consumption

The best time to start reusing was yesterday, the second best time is today.

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