Fast stocktaking with your smartphone

Stocktake everything from building materials to furnishings with Palats' streamlined stocktaking tool.

Your one and only stocktaking tool

With Palats, you always have what you need to stocktake. Avoid unnecessary prints and lost documents. Just open the app, add the building (and floor plan, if you want) and start stocktaking.

Speed up your stocktaking

With an interface made for stocktaking, the collection of information becomes a lot more efficient. Take pictures, notes and mark the position on a floorplan without having to change between different tools. Within each product category, there are predefined choices to help you keep the information relevant, consistent and searchable.

Work smarter together

Create a digital overview that makes it easy to see the products that are already digitalized and which products are left to stocktake. In this way, it is possible to avoid constantly having to make reconciliations, that something is missed or that you stocktake the same product twice. If, on the other hand, there is no connection, Palats works just as well offline and all collected information is uploaded as soon as you get connected again.

High-quality deliverables at the touch of a button

Forget manual compilations and unnecessary duplication. With Palats you can deliver high-quality material with one push of a button when the stocktaking is finalized. The products you have digitalized are also automatically linked to climate data to display the potential environmental savings. Invite the customer and let them take part in the information in a clear and interactive way via Palats web interface or export the information to excel.

Create long term relationships

Products that are digitized in Palats continues to generate value even after the project is completed. By introducing your customer to Palats they can use the information you gathered in their asset management and maintenance. This also opens up a unique opportunity for you to keep providing services linked to all of their future needs. By doing so, both of you avoid duplication of work, you create more business and your customer gets a smooth experience.

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