Flexible pricing for all organizations

Do you work with projects or do you manage properties or offices?

We have something that suits organizations of all sizes, whether you just started your circular work or rolled it out throughout the business.

This is included

Unlimited users

Unlimited products

Educational material

Palats stock-taking app

QR code system

Climate data


1 month

2500 SEK

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4 months

(save 1400 SEK)

8600 SEK

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6 months

(save 2500 SEK)

12500 SEK

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How do I get started with Palats?

If you want to start using Palats, contact us and we will create your organization and show you how Palats works. After that, you're free to stock take and reuse as many products as possible.

Can I invite consultants or clients to Palats?

Yes, Palats does not limit the amount of users as everyone should be able to contribute to the circular work. So invite your colleagues, consultants and customers and start the circular transition together.

How do I get QR-codes for tagging?

Contact us at Palats and we will send QR-codes that are adapted to your particular use. Together with printing companies, we have developed QR-code solutions for both materials, equipment and textiles.

Which devices does Palats work on?

Palats works just as well on mobile devices (iOS & Android) as on the web. So no matter which phone, tablet or computer you have you can use Palats.

Can I try Palats before I start a subscription?

Yes, at the moment we offer a test period of one month for SEK 1,000 per user (excl. VAT). Contact us and we will tell you more.

It's time to tackle resource consumption

The best time to start reusing was yesterday, the second best time is today.

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