Reuse the products you already own, save money and the climate

Stocktake material and inventory to enables reuse and sustainable resource management via your mobile and the web.

The fast way to manage products circularly!

Palats is an app that helps you map existing furniture or building materials. Palats make stock taking easy, whether you stock take office chairs or doors. An easily accessible digital overview of your products makes it easy to manage them circularly.

Stock take on floor plans

See environmental savings immediately

Share the result at the touch of a button


Fast stock taking
with your mobile phone

Palats makes stock taking of everything from building materials to inventories fast, simple and fun.

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digital översikt

All inventories in one (digital) place

With an organised and easily accessible inventory, you always know what you have and where to find it. This makes reuse easy and you can proudly say that you have an eye on everything you own and are accountable for.

Interactive statistics through the whole process

Track your resource consumption live and leverage data to generate insightful reports and analyses that demonstrate concrete results of your sustainability achievements.

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enkel inventering

Become sustainable together

By inviting your colleagues and consultants, you're all able to see what you have internally and can choose to reuse that instead of buying new. Work together as an organisation to reassure an efficient use of your resources and save both money and our planet.

Easy to get started

With Palats user-friendly interface, everyone gets started quickly. No complicated installations, lengthy educations or expensive IT consultants are necessary. Log in and start working circularly from day one. Should you have any questions, we are of course here to help you.

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Since you opened this page

kg waste

has been generated by the Swedish construction and real estate industry

It's time to deal with your resource consumption.

The best time to start reusing was yesterday,
the second best time is today.

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Circular inventory management

Vasakronan uses Palats in connection with styling and furnishing of office space. Learn how Palats can help you and your organisation with inventory management.

Circular inventory management

Circular material management

Chalmersfastigheter uses Palats for the reuse of materials in the day-to-day management and construction projects. Your organisation can also get started with reuse today.

Circular material management

Stocktaking &

Krook & Tjäder use Palats to stocktake and coordinate reuse when they help companies move or renovate an office or a building. See how Palats helps you as a consultant.

Stocktaking & coordination